Du lịch mộc châu

Du lịch mộc châu

78316 1291687175 300x187 Du lịch mộc châu. Regular “User” of a single-site webhosting account logs in normally. Then click “MySQL Management.” (If this is not readily visible, perhaps your host needs to modify your “package” to activate MySQL.) Then follow part “c” below.

b. “Reseller” accounts or “Admin” accounts may need to click “User Level.” They also must first log-in as “Reseller” if the relevant domain is a Reseller’s primary domain… or log-in as a “User” if the domain is not a Reseller’s primary domain. If a Reseller’s primary domain, then when logged-in as Reseller, you simply click “User Level.” However if the relevant domain is not the Reseller’s primary domain, then you must log-in as the relevant User. Then click “MySQL Management.” (If not readily visible, perhaps you need to return to the Reseller or Admin level, and modify the “Manage user package” or “Manage Reseller package” to enable MySQL.)

c. In “MySQL Management,” click on the small words: “Create new database.” Here you are asked to submit two suffixes for the database and its username. For maximum security, use two different sets of 4-6 random characters. Then the password field has a “Random” button that generates an 8-character password. You may also add more characters to the password for maximum security. “Create.” The next screen will summarize the database, username, password and hostname. Be sure to copy and paste these into a text file for future reference.

Step 3: Set up wp-config.php

You can either create and edit the wp-config.ph